Women died after inhaling perfume, Glen Eagles Hospital

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Viral Message: Seven women have died after inhaling a free perfume sample that was mailed to them. The product was poisonous.

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Very Important !
Please pass this on

URGENT News from Glen Eagles Hospital URGENT !!!!!

Seven women have died after inhaling a free perfume sample that was mailed to them. The product was poisonous . If you receive free samples in the mail such as lotions, perfumes, diapers etc. throw them away . The terrorists new ideas.

Send this to all your friends and family members.

Diane J. Ford
Office of the Chief of Police
Office of Risk Management
101 M Street , SW
Washington , DC,

Viral Message Verification –   A viral message is being shared on the social media regarding seven women’s died because of inhaling perfume samples.

There is no fact to prove this death and there is no such truth or fact to prove this news circulating in the social media.  The fake news is in circulation since 2001 and subsequently over the years it has spread more with the easy reach of whatsapp, email, mobile and facebook and other mediums  It  is quite a long time for such message to circulate in the social media. There are no reports that support the claims in the message.

Gleneagles Hospital has also denied any connection or involvement whatsoever with the warning message.

This is a fake message and hence requested not to share further

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