Wrong way of Massage can lead to Stroke or Death

Correct Massage heals body

Wrong way of Massage can lead to Stroke or Death

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The clot, measuring 5X1 cm, got dislodged due to the massage and travelled to the lungs, causing an obstruction and leading to instant death.

Ayupp Analysis – Recently these kind of news has been circulating on internet which claims that a person can lead of stroke or even death if massage is done in a wrong manner. After our analysis we found that this message can be true and several incidents have been reported for the same.
For instance, recently an article was published in Deccan Chronicle, where a 23 year old man suffered death due to massage on his injured ankle.
Even the doctors of AIIMS have warned about the same.
This kind of news was also published in times of India, which reported about stroke due to massage. Nervous system of Human body is very complex and each pipeline is almost connected to entire body. For instance if you have headache, then by doing some accu puncture on legs can heal it. So, if the nerves can heal pain, then they can also start pain or wrong press of any nerve can lead to disaster named as stroke and Death.
It is always advised then massage should be done by some person who is actually trained for the same and not by anyone who tries his luck.

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