Apple considering to support 4k for iTunes and a new Apple TV will launch soon

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Apple considering to support 4k for iTunes and a new Apple TV will launch soon.

As we know that there is nothing quite like Apple or can be said like iPhone. Apple supposes to consider 4K support for iTunes for iTunes content. According to the report it is said that few user in UK spotted 4K HDR for listing for purchased films on iTunes but actually there is nothing like 4K HDR support in iTunes and so on the films are downloaded in standard HD form.

It is also said by few users in the USA that they even did not have option for 4K HDR in iTunes. However it was also found by the users that few films like ’passengers’ ,’fantastic Beasts’ are copied in the form of 4K HDR. This was also insider reports on Saturday 29/07/2017.

Instead of this there are many rumours that company is preparing for its 5 edition of apple TV a ‘hobby’. A new Apple TV, capable of playing 4K content. According to the Bloomberg report it may launch this year. This 5 edition of apple have codenamed J105.This will also have the support of 4K HDR movies. This new device is also reportedly running tvOS11.0

This new device will most probably launch in September and also have some unique features. This set-top-box combining a digital media player a game machine and a platform for apps, offline YouTube videos and also have ability to steam or connect with iOS or macs to a T.V.  

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