Before booking a JIO phone, know how to get back 1,500 security money back


Jio Mobile Phone Booking Online: The security money of Rs 500 will be given at the time of pre booking of Reliance Jio. Booking of JIO Phone is going to start today (August 24). Bookings will start from 5:30 in the evening. Jio Phone Booking: Reliance JIO Phone Booking is going to start today (August 24). Bookings will start from 5:30 in the evening. Its online booking can be done on Reliance JIO website and JIO app myjio.

To get this 4G Reliance Jio phone you will have to pay a security money of Rs 1,500. This money has to be given twice. When the pre booking is done, you need to pay Rs 500. Besides, 1,000 rupees are to be given when the phone will be delivered. The company has said that this phone will be given free. This security money will be refunded after 3 years.

Now the question is, what to do to get back the security money. To get back the security money, you will have to phone will have to return the phone and you will get the security money of Rs 1,500.

At the same time, its offline booking can be done at Reliance Jio's stores and retailers. To book the offline booking of JIO Phone, the user has to give a photo copy of his Aadhar Card. Only one JIO phone can be purchased on an Aadhaar across the country. If you are thinking that you can book more than one phone by going to different places from the Aadhar card then you are wrong, because once you give your Aadhar card, it will come in online data of Geo and then complete Second phone can not be booked from Aadhar card anywhere in the country.

Free voice calling facility with JIO phone will be free. Apart from this, unlimited data and other services of JIO can be used by recharge of 153 rupees per month. Apart from this, JIO has also removed two cheap recharge for this phone. For this, there is a weekly recharge which is Rs. 53. It can take advantage of unlimited internet and other services for a week. There is a recharge of Rs 23, which is valid for two days. Unlimited recharge of internet for up to 2 days after this recharge can be availed.



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