FACEBOOK Security: No one can download, share your profile picture

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Los Angeles: Facebook has introduced a new tool in India, which will allow anyone’s profile picture to be protected from downloading and sharing. This step can reduce the misuse of photographs. New tools have been developed in collaboration with many organizations including 'Center for Social Research and Learning Links Foundation', New Delhi.

Everyone does not believe in applying a profile picture as they feel it is not safe, however with the help of profile picture on Facebook, people can find each other and connect with each other. But not everyone regards applying a profile picture as safe. People doing Facebook research have found that some women do not consider it safe to share their profile picture in which their face can be seen as they fear that their picture may be misused.

Based on India's experience, other countries will also start this

Facebook's product manager, Aarti Soman said, "We are introducing new tools which will give more control to the people in India, who can download and share the profile picture." With this, we are also exploring the way through which people can easily add design to their profile picture. This will be helpful in preventing misuse of the profile picture based on our research. She said, Based on the experiences we have received in India, we will start it soon in other countries."

Friends who are not friends on Facebook will not be able to tag you

After the addition of new tools, people using Facebook will not be able to download, share and send the profile picture to any other place. Soman said that those who are not your friends on Facebook will not be able to tag you with anything.

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