New phones to have solar plate at back cover for charging


If reports are to be believed then there is some good news for smartphone lovers. Recent articles related to solar charging plates confirms that the smartphones might have solar plate as a back cover for charging. This will help conserve electricity to some extent and also dependency on real time charging can be escaped during the sunshine.

As per research done by scientists at McGill University and the hydro-Quebec’s research institute, this technology is known as self-charging lithium-ion battery concept. This technology involves harvesting and storing light energy by adding a photosensitive dye to the cathode the part of Smartphone.

Instead of searching for an outlet or charger it only needs sunlight to get it fully charged. Typically solar panels soak up photons from the sun’s rays and convent them into electricity.

One more interesting fact that we came across is that it is very easy to create a panel which converts electricity from solar and that can be used for phone charging. See the below video-

The research done by McGill University is different then what is being shown in the above youtube video. Researchers plans to embed a chargable back cover on the mobile phone. When the user exposes it to sunlight, the phone will start charging automatically. One big question here would be that – how much heat ( sunshine temperature) a device can withhold and for how much time you need to keep your phone in sun. Keeping in sun might have some impact on the body of the phone. The color and the body might lose its impact.

Better than launching this back cover, the mobile phone companies can use it for charging data bank which can be further used to charge the phone. So, in real time chargeable back cover looks like a impossible thing for mobile manufacturers to implement.

References – See the factual provided by McGill University.  

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