One Plus 5 to be launched in Mumbai India on June 22nd 2017

One Plus 5 Launch Date

Mumbai –One plus 5 has officially announced that it is going to launch in Mumbai on 22nd June 2017.  It is one of the most awaited phone of 2017.  Anyone can register for this event by clicking on the link provided on its official website. The location for this event is –

DOME- NSCI, The National Sports Club of India,
Lala Lajpatrai Marg, Lotus Colony, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400018

More details about this event –

  • One invite (an “Invite”) entitles one person to enter the launch event. Damaged or missing Invites are not valid and will be treated as such.
  • Entry is allowed only until 2:00 PM. Patrons arriving after 2:00 PM will be denied entry into the venue.
  • Individual Invites do not come with reserved seating. However, Patrons are requested to sit in designated seating areas.
  • Please preserve your Invite carefully. Lost or missing Invites will not be reissued.
  • Patrons leaving the venue will not be allowed reentry.
  • This Invite is NOT a ticket. You are receiving this Invite pursuant to being a dedicated OnePlus fan and making a purchase on

User can also create an sms alert to check for the live streaming of the event. To get SMS alert click on the link in the above image – “Set an SMS Alert to win a OnePlus”.  It opens the below page –

On the next step, it will ask you to either create a oneplus accout or login using your facebook or gmail account. You will see one alert on the home page of Oneplus screen that Congratulations!

Let’s for few more days to see what One Plus 5 has to offer.

Twitter Post from One Plus 5 for this event - 

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