Video, Chain snatching thief dances like Michael Jackson style


Uttar Pradesh: A video of a said to be a Chain snatcher is going viral over social media. The man in the video is identified as Rinku Bhadoria, he is said to be a serious chain snatcher and when being caught he claimed himself as a professional dancer.

The incident is from Jhansi, UP, when interrogated by the policeman Bhandoria did what he can to prove about himself that he was not a thief. He danced as per the instruction of the police as well.

The policeman asked him to dance like Michael Jackson and he obliged to do so.The video is really funny and entertaining.

However later Rinku admitted to the policeman of having involved in more than 100 snatching cases. as per the report Rinku has taken up snatching from the age of 16 and was a part time dancer.

Watch the video below.

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