Anti CAA protest picture shared as Muslim killed by terrorist people

News Claim: An image circulated on social media, showing a group of people covered in shrouds, it is being said that they were killed due to terrorist people. It further asks to save Kashmir.  

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims:

Don't ever stop talking about the Indian crimes in Kashmir. They kill innocent people and violate their holy places ignoring all humanitarian principles. Kashmir is not a land of political struggles! They deserve their own peace!

That making me heart breaking to see innocent Muslims be killed from terrorist people

Click here for an archive of the post.

News Verification: A picture of people lying on the ground, it is being said they were being killed by terrorist people is not true. This is yet propaganda to divide the Hindus and Muslim communities.

The image shared on social media claiming that these are Muslim men killed by terrorist people, hinting at another side of the religion is not true. As can be seen in the below post shared on Facebook, the picture is from the Anti CAA protest held in Feb 2020. The Facebook post says, Kafan pahan kar protest against CAA NRC NPR in Aurangabad Maharashtra

The image was shared by other people at the same time

News Verdict: False, the image is from Anti CAA protest and not real

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