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News Claim: A short video shared on social media requesting a group of Muslim man to not to slaughter cows has been widely shared on social media.

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims:

One Kashmiri Pandit stands strong against Muslim butchers & stops Cow Slaughter in Kashmir. All Hindus must support this unidentified Pandit by sharing the video, hats off to this one man to fight for his belief. That’s the changing face of Kashmir thanks to Modi Ji & Amit Ji.

Facebook Page ‘RSS Fan Club‘ posted this video on September 15. 



News Verification:  This video is from Kashmir where a dispute happened over the place of sacrifice of the cows in Kashmir. The people in the video belonged to the same community.

A video posted by Ankur Sharma stated that A Muslim objects to Cow Slaughter by Darul Uloom on 2 grounds: Blood & Smell.

News verdict: False

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