Fact check: Did a Muslim men stabbed a Hindu girl in viral CCTV video

News Claim:  A video shared on social media claiming that Muslim men stabbed a girl from another community and it is a case of love jihad.

Viral on Social Media: CCTV footage is being claimed on social media that a man named Gudda Asraf Ali stabbed a Class VIII student with a knife in broad daylight for protesting "love jihad" in Gopalganj, Bihar.

With the video, an attempt has been made to state that in this case the boy is a Muslim and the girl is a Hindu. The above text is written also states the same purpose of spreading the news.

News Verification: In the CCTV footage going viral, three girls hanging bags on the road are seen coming from somewhere. Meanwhile, a boy standing on the side of the road comes to the girls and starts stabbing a girl with a knife. Some people around also try to stop the boy but he does not agree.

Upon Investigation found that this video is from Gopalganj but there is no such thing as "love jihad" in this case. Both the accused boy and the victim in the case belong to the Muslim community.

As per asianetnews, The man has committed hooliganism in broad daylight. He stabbed the 8th student,  multiple times on the road, due to which her condition is critical. Doctors have referred him to Gorakhpur for treatment. The incident is of Pratappur village of Manjhagarh police station area.

According to the family, the girl student is a student in 8th standard in Maktab School. She used to go from village to village to study in the village of the accused. Gudda used to get upset seeing the girl student. He also used to make remarks and used to try to seduce every day. Many times the family members of the girl complained to the family members of the accused about this, but he did not deter from the antics. Even on Sunday, when the girl was going to Pratappur to study, she molested her. At first, he calmed down. After this, while returning to the girl's house, stopped her on the way and attacked the road. Both the friends of the victim girl fled from the spot out of fear.

As per our information the text is misleading, the girl and boy belonged to the same community, so there is no love jihad

News Verdict ayupp.com: False

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