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News Claim: A video was shared by many on social media showing a group of women protest marching in Kabul. The video message is not true.  

Viral message on WhatsApp today & other Social Media claims: We all know that without women, social processes would be much more difficult, their courage and determination have always been decisive. Afghan women protest in Kabul before the Taliban

News Verification: As can be seen a large group of burqa-clad women marching in the streets, the message stating that they are marching against the Taliban capture over Afghanistan. The information is not true. The video is of a protest held against the Taliban by Afghan women in Iran and not in Afghanistan.   

The video is from Iran and not Kabul city

News published on 17 Aug 2021 in Iran, "Afghans living in Iran protested in the central city of Esfahan against the Taliban, on the third day in a row on Tuesday, and also condemned former president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani."


There were few protests in Kabul. Masih Alinejad tweeted, “These brave women took to the streets in Kabul to protest against Taliban. They simplify asking for their rights, the right to work, the right to education and the right to political participation. The right to live in a safe society. I hope more women and men join them.”


News verdict: False, the video is from Iran

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Afghans In Iran Hold Anti-Taliban Protest In Esfahan

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