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Image source social media

News Claim: An image viral on social media claiming that a Muslim dominated area in Delhi demolished a temple in the area.

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims:

दिल्ली के मुस्लिम बहुल नूर नगर में एक मंदिर को ध्वस्त करने के बाद निशान तक मिटाए जा रहे हैं। मंदिर गिराने वालों को मंदिर वहीं बनाना होगा!



News Verification:  The above image was some rumbles was shared on 23rd Sept by Hitesh Shankar, Editor

@epanchjanya  Panchjanya weekly  (Oldest Hindi views weekly, shaping national discourse since independence). the picture on Twitter and tagged Amit Shah, Arvind Kejriwal, and Alok Kumar. The claim made on social is misleading.

The official account of DCP South East Delhi replied to the post of Hitesh Shankar. He said, “Local Police visited the spot to verify the contents of the tweet. The property belongs to a member of the Hindu Community who himself was dismantling/ clearing the built-up area adjacent to the temple in his own property. No harm to the temple has been caused and it is intact.”

News verdict: Misleading

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