Fact Check: Krishna and Pandavas panjshir palace Mahabharata painting

News Claim: A picture shared on Social media claiming a picture of Krishna and Pandavas, claiming it to be from  Panjshir Palace in Afghanistan.

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims:

This painting exists in the Panj-sheer Palace. It is located in the Gandhara kingdom since the time of the Mahabharata, in present-day Afghanistan. Why has UNESCO not declared it a heritage site and ensured that it not be destroyed????????? The name 'Panjsheer' is an

The image is shared with the same claim on Facebook and Twitter.

This painting exists (don't know for how many days more) in the Panjsheer Palace in the erstwhile Gandhara kingdom of Mahabharata time, present-day Afghanistan. (sic)”

This painting exists (don't know for how many days more) in the #PanjsheerPalace in the erstwhile #Gandhara kingdom of Mahabharata time, present-day Afghanistan.

The name '#Panjsheer' which is an aberration of the original name 'Panch Sher' meaning Five Lions, was built in honour of the Five Pandava brothers.

It was the totally Hindu Kingdom even in the later Buddhism period.

It then fell to Muslim Shia sect invaders who promptly converted it into an Islamic kingdom.

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However even they did not destroy the Hindu legacy and its remnants such as this painting and many other valuable antiques depicting Hindu culture. Most Hindu temples continued to exist.

Now that the Sunni dominated Taliban have taken over Afghanistan, it is genuinely feared that all Hindus along with these memorabilia will no longer exist. They have very little time left.

News Verification:  A painting of Lord Krishna and the five Pandavas from the epic Mahabharata has gone viral on social media with the claim that it still exists inside the Panjshir Palace in present-day Afghanistan.

The picture shared has no relation to Panjshir or Afghanistan, This painting is the artwork of a Russian artist, who’s an ISKCON devotee. The picture can be found at the website of the Russia-based SPb Art Gallery in St. Petersburg.

As per the website, the painting was made by Rasikananda and is titled ‘Krishna and the Pandavas‘.

News verdict: False, The picture is not from the Taliban

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