Fact check: Sexual abuse in madrassa, cleric arrested, 52 girl students rescued

News Claim: A clip viral on social media with a claim that a Maulvi was arrested for sexual assault is Old news from 2017, viral as recent with wrong information.

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims:

Sexual abuse in a madrassa, cleric arrested, 52 girl students rescued

मीडिया को चिन्मयानंद से फुरसत मिल गयी हो तो ये खबर भी बताने का कष्ट करें. एक नहीं, दो नहीं, पूरे 52 लड़कियों का मामला है वो 8 से 18 की उम्र की 

शोषण मुक्त समाज के लिये आर्य सिद्धान्त को अपनाना होगा कि लड़कों की पाठशाला में पांच वर्ष से बड़ी कन्या भी न जा सके और कन्या गुरूकुल में पांच वर्ष से बड़ा लड़का भी प्रवेश न कर सके।

The post is viral here as well

News Verification: The newspaper clip widely shared on social media is not entirely true. The clips are not new, it is old news from 2017. The media clip has been edited to suit the fake news. Through editing, the word Maulvi has been added instead of  Manager.

Many newspapers like zee news reported the same information. As per the news,

A case of alleged sexual abuse came to light in a madrasa in the Shahadatganj area of ​​Uttar Pradesh's capital Lucknow. On 17th Dec 2017, 51 girl students were freed from this madrassa named Khadijatul Kubra Lilbanat by a team of police and administration. The director has been arrested. The victim girl students have accused the operator-manager of Yasinganj resident Qari Tayyab Zia of sexual abuse and threatening to kill them.

The madrasa operator in the Shahadatganj police station area was accused of sexual harassment by the girl students. After the allegation, the police raided and rescued 51 girls from the madrasa. Madarsa Khadijatul Kubra Lilbanat is located on Campbell Road in Yasinganj of Shahadatganj. ADM Western Santosh Kumar Vaish said that 125 girl students study in the madrasa, but at present, there were only 51 girls. The rest had gone home.  

News verdict: True, but edited  and Old news 

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मदरसे के मैनेजर को 14 दिन की न्यायिक हिरासत में भेजा गया, यौन शोषण का है आरोप

नारी निकेतन में छात्राओं ने कहा, रात को कमरे में बुलाता था मदरसा मैनेजर

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