It is seen in the video going viral that Ranbir Kapoor is seen misbehaving with the fans. However, many people found it difficult to believe. Now the truth of the video has come to the fore.

Fact Check News: Actor Ranbir Kapoor is dominating social media these days with one of his videos. In this video, he is seen throwing a fan's phone. In such a situation, people are criticizing him fiercely. But the reaction of Ranbir Kapoor in the video, for which people are criticizing fiercely and talking in different ways on social media, its truth is something else.

Seeing Ranbir Kapoor, who never disappoints his fans, behaving like this with the fans, the ground slipped under the feet of the people. Let us tell you the truth of this video.In the video going viral, it was seen that a fan of the actor is trying to take a selfie with him.

Fan tries to take selfie not once but many times. In such a situation, Ranbir Kapoor finally asks for the fan's phone, and picks it up and throws it back. Now this video is becoming fiercely viral. It is difficult for the fans to believe this time how Ranbir can behave like this.

After watching the video, many fans called Ranbir Kapoor very rude. Many people said that the actor had never behaved like this with the fans before today. Then this kind of behavior of Ranbir is astonishing. But now after such things and Ranbir's behavior went viral on the internet, finally the truth of this video has come to the fore.

News Verification: Actually, Ranbir Kapoor was shooting for a phone ad. During this, someone made this video and made it viral on the Internet. However, it is not yet known whether the video was intentionally made to go viral.So that there is discussion about the brand whose ad is being shot, or it has gone viral by mistake. For the time being, it is a matter of relief for the fans to know that Ranbir has not misbehaved with any fan. It was just his acting.

News Verdict: The viral video is of Ranbir Kapoor is fake.


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