Fact check: First time Suicide blast caught on camera outside Syrian President residence

News Claim: A video of a suicide blast is viral on social media, it is being claimed that the attack took place outside the residence of the Syrian president.

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims: #Breaking


A suicide blast was reported outside the residence of Asad in Syria. This can make Putin angry. Could lead to Russian airstrikes again (not sure).

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News Verification: It is painful to watch the live video of men committing suicide on a camera, while other two people trying to stop this from happening. But in vain all three lives were lost because of the suicide attack.

The incident did not take place outside Assad’s palace but in front of a court building known as Justice Palace in Tartus, Syria. 

As per BBC, Syria: a family dispute causes the death of 3 people with a grenade! A video recording showing the explosion of a hand grenade following a family dispute between a lawyer and his brother and brother-in-law in front of the Justice Palace in Tartous. The accident resulted in the death of 3 Syrians and the injury of 9 people. As per BBC, the incident occurred on Sep 24, 2021. 

News Verdict: The incident did front of a court building known as Justice Palace and not outside Assad’s palace.

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