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Idli on a kulfi stick in a Bengaluru, Colombo Idli House in Bangalore

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News Claim: Social media is divided over the Image of Idli on a Kulfi stick. They are divided over the purpose and usefulness of this new form of presentation of Idli.

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims:

Once the idli has been dipped in sambar, I don't think the stick provides enough support as a cantilever, thereby compromising the structural integrity of said Idli.

This will cause the idli to fall on the floor while you were just about to chomp on it in frantic anticipation.

Anand Mahindra Wrote on Twitter< ā€œBengaluru, Indiaā€™s innovation capital canā€™t stop its creativity from manifesting itself in the most unexpected areasā€¦ Idli on a stickā€”sambhar & chutney as dipsā€¦Those in favour, those against??ā€

My innovation goes viral with out getting me credit for it n has been used by many chefs on social media n yp9utube

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News Verification: Ā Experiment with food has been a long history. Sometime back it started with pineapple on pizza, ice cream and French fries and now a Bangalore restaurant has given a new type ofw Idli, an Idli on Kulfi stick.

The Image of Idli on a stick has gone viral on social media and divided the people.

It is being claimed that Colombo Idli HouseĀ in Bengaluru is behind the innovation, however, the manager of this hotel has declined and said they donā€™t have any such food item.

Ā We did not find further any valid news to verify the fact that Idli on the Kulfi stick does exist.

News Verdict: No much information

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