Fact Check: Image of Indian soldiers holding Chinese soldier

News Claim: An image went viral on social media claiming that the showing Indian soldiers holding the Chinese soldiers, the tweet were more critical towards the Congress party expecting a reply from it.

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims:

Rahul Gandhi will never tweet that the Indian Army captured more than one hundred Chinese soldiers in Arunachal, then they were released only after the meeting between the Chinese army commander and the Indian commander..

This is changing India.. 🚩 Jai Hind

News Verification: The viral message claims regarding the recent clash, showing the Chinese Army, People’s Liberation Army (PLA) people being held by the Indian army soldiers is not true. The picture is from a movie clip.

However, on 6th October, the Indian and Chinese troops were engaged in a faceoff in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. The incident place last week between the borders pass of Bum La and Yangtse. Indian troops “strongly contested" the Chinese soldiers’ incursion into Indian territory and the matter was subsequently resolved at the local military commanders’ level.

On searching on google we found that this is from a video called Martial Art Ladakh. Titled as, “lac movie Shooting in Kargil Ladakh Behind the scenes”.  The video was uploaded on youtube on Dec 3, 2020, so clearly the picture shared on social media is not from the recent clash of the Indian and Chinese soldiers as well.

News published on zhuijv states,  “Recently, some live images of Indian TV dramas have been circulated on the Internet. The theme story of the filming is the above-mentioned conflict in the Kalwan Valley. Dozens of actors playing the People’s Liberation Army and the Indian Army broke out in the Ladakh region. The Indian soldiers rushed towards the People's Liberation Army with iron rod weapons, and finally "captured" the bearded officers of the People's Liberation Army. According to media reports, the film and television drama filmed in India this time is called "Kalwan River Valley", which is about the conflict between China and India in the Kalwan River Valley in June this year..

News Verdict: False, the images are from a movie

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Ashwin Roy is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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