FACT CHECK: scripted video of birthday celebration with Bumps viral

News Claim: Recently it is being claimed through a viral video that people forget what they are doing during birthday celebrations. Friends fed this boy such a cake that his nose and ears were filled, due to which the boy died.

Viral on Social Media:  

News Verification: These days a video is going viral on social media, according to which, while celebrating the birthday, the boy died due to fun. The caption of the viral video is, "Today's callous way of being called Birthday Celebration. Unintentionally took the life of my own dear friend. Lost life while celebrating a birthday party. Cake Mouth and Nose But the breath stopped due to the feeling. Celebrate happiness in a happy way." 

Upon investigation of the viral video, it was found that the claim is made with it is false. The video has been made to make people aware. This is a scripted video. In this, some boys are seen celebrating their friend's birthday on the side of the road. After cutting the cake, the child can be seen giving birthday bumps or punches and kicks. After a while, he falls. This 3.13-minute video is being shared with the caption that is to be careful while celebrating birthdays.

The help of some keywords and Google reverse image was taken, which revealed that the original video is on Hamsa Nandini's Facebook page. Hamsa Nandini's page has more than 2.9 million followers. Many such videos were found on the page, which was scripted. The original video was uploaded on 2nd March 2020, which reads, Keep in mind that this page contains scripted dramas and parodies. These short films have been made only for the purpose of making people aware. 


The message is written at the end of the video, don't trust anyone blindly. thanks for watching. Please be aware that this page contains scripted dramas and parodies

News Verdict ayupp.com: False, the video is scripted

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