Fact Check: Shahrukh Khan viral statement that Muslims made him super star is fake

News Claim: News viral on Shahrukh Khan, if Shahrukh is a superstar today, it is because of his Muslim fans. Expressing displeasure over this alleged statement, many people are saying that it is an insult to Hindu fans.

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims: Shahrukh Khan said: Today I am a super star, so the biggest thanks goes to my Muslim brothers who watched Khan Brothers movies despite being poor..

Those Hindus who still consider this Khan gang as their hero, they must check their D-N-A once..

They should be completely boycotted


As per the viral post, the Jansatta news feed says, only a Muslim can make another Muslim: Shahrukh Khan". It reads, “Today if I am a superstar, then the biggest thanks go to our Muslim brothers who, despite being poor, only watched Hum Khans movies! Our Islam also advocates this Muslim brotherhood.

News Verification: Actor Shahrukh Khan recently had to face the ire of Islamic fundamentalists for wishing Ganpati Visarjan. Reminding him of Islam, people started saying that idol worship is forbidden in his religion.

We searched for any such content in the Jansatta news portal, however, we failed to find any such comments by the actor Shah Rukh Khan.

News Verdict: False Content shared on social media.

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