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Video from Bangladesh shared as man wearing a burqua to smuggle alcohol

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News Claim: A short video claiming that a Muslim man was caught while dressed wearing a Burqa and smuggling alcohol in India.

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims:

पुलवामा मध्ये स्फोटके आली कुठून विचारणार्या लपडझंडीस लोकांसाठी हा व्हिडीओ


This video is for people who ask where the explosives came from in Pulwama


News Verification: The shared video of the incident is not from India, nut from Bangladesh. In the 30 seconds video as can be seen as the police ask the disguised man in pregnant woman dress wearing Burqua cloth. The language spoken in the video has been edited to be heard as Marathi.

Ayupp found that the video is from Bangaladesh, the below video titled as# Raozan police arrest fancy # drug smuggler.The below video was uploaded on March, 2021, when two people were caught for drug trafficking. The two traffickers, who were arrested in a police operation while drugging a pregnant boy in Raozan, Chittagong, were sent to jail

News verdict: False, The video is from Bangladesh

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