X-ray of a skull with surplus teeth Toddler skull X-rays are terrifying, is it common

News Claim: Multiple users shared images of a child suffering from a specific condition, hyperdontia. The x-ray image was shared with misleading context that most children have this condition.

Viral message on WhatsApp today & other Social Media: Multiple users posted the image of a tooth is viral on social media, claiming It to be a tooth of a toddler. The message says, this is a toddler x-ray but like... where are the teeth stored? surely not in the bone? in the gum? but u can’t feel them? what?




News Verification:  The image shared with half the information is not true. This is not a general x-ray picture of a toddler’s teeth for all the children’s. It is of a child suffering from a specific condition, Hyperdontia.

What is Hyperdontia

Hyperdontia is a condition that causes too many teeth to grow in your mouth. These extra teeth are sometimes called supernumerary teeth. They can grow anywhere in the curved areas where teeth attach to your jaw. It is more common with permanent teeth than baby teeth.

The above image was shared from ajodo, it states, Supernumerary teeth are an infrequent developmental anomaly that can appear in any area of the dental arch and can affect any dental organ. Multiple supernumerary teeth, or hyperdontia, are rare in people with no other associated diseases or syndromes. Conditions commonly associated with hyperdontia include cleft lip and palate, trichorhinophalangeal syndrome,

The image was shared in multiple places with the right information



News verdict: False, the image shows hyperdontia, it does not represent all toddlers teeth.

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Multiple hyperdontia: Report of an unusual case

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