Multiple numbers shared on social media after the JNU violence

Fake news claim: Multiple numbers shared on social media after the JNU violence claim 7005750770 pointing to INCIndia and 8512860180 pointing to ASU, these numbers belong to INCIndia and Ambedkar Students Union

One more screenshot claiming to be from WhatsApp group shared by @someshjha7 has the same number of @INCIndia plus another number of Ambedkar Students Union.
Cc: @DelhiPolice It is getting clearer who is behind this #JNUViolence

Facts Check Verdict: True, based on the screen shot viral on whatsapp

News Verification: Multiple twitter posts and re-tweets after the JNU violence is directly pointing to Congress and Ambedkar Students Union students to be part of the incident that happened in the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

One of the numbers being shared with the tweets points to Kerla flood relief collection drive number, pointing to Kabeer 8512860180 number pointing directly to Ambedkar Students Union.




It shows the involvement of the above number in the JNU incident

Another number 7005750770, where the whatsapp post claims to be saying “Nahi, VC re entry mana kiya hai. Apna VC hai” this number directly pointing to the INCIndia croudfunding number. The INC website is currently not available.

Barkha Dutt, rightly tweeted for the same number highlighting the number again stating, “This message is from a WhatsApp group called 'Unity Against Left' - I've edited out the group because of privacy laws on showing numbers, but the operative message retained : "main gate par kuch karna hai" against those who "support JNU"”



Further if one searches for the number on true called it also states the number belong to Inc India Congress



Hence of the number viral in whatsapp is believed to be mostly true, the present searches on Google point to Congress and other person involved in the incident.

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