Question 1: Does vitamin D help protect against Covid-19?

Answer: The coronavirus has made people think about any possible measures that can help reduce the fight of the deadly disease.  More recently questions are being asked that can vitamin  D help protect the Coronavirus. Right now there are no specific answers to any questions, as scientific or Medical science has not yet come out stating the Vitamin D can be helpful in the fight against the disease.

As per WHO, Respiratory tract infections are conditions that affect the air passages. These include acute infections that affect the lower respiratory tract and lungs, such as pneumonia and influenza, which are among the leading causes of death in children worldwide. In 2015, 16% of all deaths in children under five years of age were attributed to pneumonia (2). These conditions may also have an impact on the quality of life. Therefore, it is important to find interventions that could prevent respiratory conditions.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble-vitamin, different from others in that a major source derives from UV light-induced conversion of its precursor under the skin. Dietary sources include fortified foods and supplements. Studies have indicated that there is a high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency worldwide (4–5). Vitamin D deficiency may affect the immune system as vitamin D plays an immunomodulation role (6), enhancing innate immunity by up-regulating the expression and secretion of antimicrobial peptides (7–8), which boosts mucosal defenses. Furthermore, recent meta-analyses have reported a protective effect of vitamin D supplementation on respiratory tract infections (9–12). Therefore, in this commentary, we reviewed the applicability of such intervention and implementation in settings with limited resources based on these four systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

WHO link article date June 2017. However, the article is much older than Corona itself.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in very few foods, added to others.

Vitamin D is known to play an important role in bone metabolism through the regulation of calcium and phosphate homeostasis and may also play an important role in immune system regulation. Vitamin D is produced by the body during exposure to sunlight but is also found in oily fish, eggs, and fortified food products.

Vitamin D has other roles in the body, including modulation of cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function, and reduction of inflammation

Currently, there is no data to support that Vitamin D helps us in the fight against COVID 19

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