New rules of communication post Ayodhya verdict have gone viral on social media where it is said that the new whatsapp rule by government will track all your activity. Ayodhya Police said it is fake.

Fake news claim: A message viral on social media platforms claims that New WhatsApp rules of communication will come into force from tomorrow where your online activity will be tracked, be careful.  

Examples of viral posts in circulation on Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Ayodhya verdict

New rules of communication will come into force from tomorrow: -

  1. All calls will be recorded.
  2. All call recordings will be saved
  3. Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and all social media will all be monitored
  4. Inform all those who do not know.
  5. Your devices will be connected to the ministry systems.
  6. Note that do not send any wrong message to anyone
  7. Inform your children, brothers, relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc. that all of these should be taken care of and run social sites sparingly.
  8. Do not send any objectionable post or video .. etc. which you receive against the government or the Prime Minister on politics or current situation.
  9. Presently writing or sending any offensive message on any political or religious issue is a crime…. Doing so can result in arrest without warrant.
  10. Police will pull out a notification… then Cyber ​​Crime… then action will be taken.
  11. It is very serious.

All your group members, admins, ... think deeply on this topic

  1. Do not send any wrong message. Inform everyone and take care on this subject.
  2. Please share this…

Groups should be more alert and careful.

Facts Check Verdict: False, All the messages related to this is fake.

News Verification: The New WhatsApp rules for India, much before the Ayodhya verdict have gone viral on social media.  Even the message is being shared post-Ayodhya verdict, on WhatsApp messages, facebook posts, twitter tweets etc. the message being share in the name of government message is not true.

As per the WhatsApp message it is being said that all forms of communication will be tracked. Your every message being sent on social media, every post will be tracked. The message claims to be originated from the government of India.

The message is completely fake, Ayodhya Police tweeted through its official twitter handle

It said to beware of any such fake news that can result in disharmony in society.

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