Viral Claim: The Congress party tweeted a short video targeting lynching as the main issue, however, it included a photo of DEP Muhammad Ayub Pandith, who was killed by a pro-Pakistan pro-terror Muslim mob outside a mosque in Srinagar

Facts Check: True

Viral News in Social Media Twitter/Facebook/WhatsApp/Other Examples:

This is the modus operandi that Modi gives his blessings for- organized propagation of hate, spreading of fake news, misleading people, rampant misogyny, abusing the Constitution & misuse of religious sentiments to incite hatred.

Facts Check News: The Congress party got ire by the Hindus and the Muslim on Twitter when a short video relieved by them attracted huge controversy. Many users on social media have started complaining regarding the video, it has insulted the Hindus, mostly.

The Video titled BhaktCharitra, a rap song in Hindi, .targeted the people who support the BJP party and mostly creating a Hindu phobia. The Congress party raised and used several people who were lynched recently by a crowd; The songs intention was to aware hate crimes by Hindu lynch mobs increased many times during the Modi government. 

The video included many pictures of people who were unfortunately killed due to lynching, which should not have happened. However, the video also included the photo of a police officer, Muhammad Ayub Pandith, who was the Deputy Inspector of Jammu and Kashmir Police.

The video created by the Congress party intention was to show how all were killed by Hindus lynch mob, however, Ayup Pandith was killed by a mob if Muslims. Pandith was stripped and stoned to death by a mob outside the historic Jamia Masjid in Nowhatta area of downtown Srinagar on 22 June. He was killed by Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Sajid Ahmad Gilkar played a key role in this attack.

Hence, the video uses a police officer killed by Islamic terror to show a crime by which was not done by Hindus.

The Video has been taken down after request by Kapil Mishra, who requested to remove the video.

Dear @INCIndia
This video is an attack on my Hindu Dharma. Remove it now

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