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Crowd Image From December 2020 Passed Off as Recent from Manali

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News Claim: Social media users shared pictures from hill stations like Manali, thinking it to be recent where people can be seen breaking Covid protocols.

Viral News Today: Pictures speak- No room in the hospital to no room in hotels at Manali in some days.

That’s why #Manali is trending!

The insane flood of tourists in #Manali.

Pehle oxygen nahi mil rahi thi,

Ab kehte Manali me hotel nahi mil rahe.

In search of fun and rest, people are eager to "Rest in Peace!

Manali crowd 2 days ago.

Are we inviting 3rd wave?

Then Why to blame the government. Are we not the most Irresponsible citizens in the world?

Moreover, up to 40%of people having reservations about the safety and efficacy of the available Covid-19 vaccine is another matter of grave concern!!

News Verification:  Recently there covid restrictions were eased in the hilly areas of Kullu, Manali and other areas. The picture that has been widely shared on social media platforms is not from recent Covid times.

Users shared these images on social media. The picture is not recent nor it is too old even. These pictures are from Dec 2020.

ANI tweeted the video on July 5, 2021, where we can see a lot of crowd thronging on the main road.

The video first started trending in December 2020.

News verdict: Old video but during covid times, it shows the people do not care for their life, but wants to blame the government.

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