Did a 75 years old man married his 15 years old daughter

News Claim: An image viral on social media claiming a 75 years old man married her 15 years old daughter. 

Viral News Today:  

Father married his own daughter in the desire of a son 75 years old father has married 15-year-old daughter Now his own daughter will give birth to a boy Wah re tera religion. 

बाप ने की अपनी ही बेटी के साथ शादी बेटे की चाहत में 75 साल के बाप ने 15 साल की बेटी से निकाह कर लिया है अब अपनी ही बेटी, लड़का पैदा करेगी,वाह रे तेरा मजहब”...

News Verification: Ayupp Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found that information shared on social media is mostly true. The man in the viral picture is known since 2017, when a news cam of him from Hyderabad when he tried to marry a minor.

As per hindustantimes, The 65-year-old Arab national had married the teenager in 2016. As per the police complaint, the 16 years old girl was forcefully married to the 65-years old Arab.

This woman named Syeda had alleged that her sister-in-law and husband did this work together in the greed of five lakh rupees. The woman had told the police that she was seduced and got her daughter married to an elderly man. The name of the elderly person was Sheikh Ahmed, who was a resident of Muscat, the capital of Oman. A few days after the wedding, the elderly man had called the girl to Muscat. According to the woman, after marriage, the elderly started beating her daughter and she wanted to come back to India.

As per the complaint to the police, the man’s age was 65 years at the time of marriage.

Indian Embassy tried to rescue the girl, “Emb had requested concerning Omani authorities for repatriation of Ms Ruksarunnisa. They have informed that she has indicated to them in a written statement that she is happy wid her husband n does not want to return to India n wishes to continue staying with her husband in Oman”.but they failed to get her back.

The embassy said on Twitter handle that, “The Embassy will try and ascertain if (the minor) is willing (to) speak”

"Due to the local laws in Oman, the Indian embassy there is very weak and officials can only represent the issue. To date, there is no clarity on what the girl really wants, as Indian officials have not met her. The Omani national on the other hand is adamant about keeping her in Muscat.

News verdict: False, as per news she is married to the old man in the picture.

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