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Did Ajmal Khan killed Hindu woman family after being rejected for marriage

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News Claim: A video shared on Social media suggesting that a man named Ajmal Khan had fallen in love with a Hindu woman in Rajasthan. He murdered the entire family for being rejected for getting married to Hindu women.

Viral News Today: राज्यस्थान मे एक मुस्लिम हुआ बेकाबू अजमल खान को एक हिन्दु परिवार की लड़की पसंद आ गई और वो शादी करने के लिए पहुचा उसके घर रिश्ता ले के फिर लड़की के बाप ने उसे धमका के भगा दिया उसके बाद अजमल ने परिवार के साथ क्या किया देखे आप सभी पर सब मिडिया बन्धु मौन व्रत पर क्यों
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#क्या_खाक_DNA_एक_है! #भागवतजी! #DNAखबर राज्यस्थान में एक मुस्लिम अजमल खान एक हिन्दु परिवार की लड़की पर लट्टू हो गया और उसके बाप के पास घर रिश्ता ले के पंहुचा। बोला हम सबका DNA है। शादी करदो वरना... लड़की के बाप ने उसे धमका के भगा दिया कहा तुम मुस्लिम हो, हम हिन्दु है और हम ये गलत काम नहीं करेंगे। और फिर अजमल खान अगले दिन हथियार लेके गया और एक DNA वाले हिन्दु परिवार के सारे लोगो को मार डाला। और अड़ोसी पङोसी बस तमाशा देखते रहे फिर कुछ ने उस मुल्ले को पकड़ा और पुलिस के हवाले किया। पुलिस DNA जाँच कर पंचनामा के इतर क्या कर सकती है? क्या हमारे भाई बहन बांधव यूँ ही मरते रहेंगे और सेकुलर राष्ट्रवादी तमाशा देखते रहेंगे! तालिबानी खतरे को पहचानो हिन्दुओं! सेकुलर नहीं, आर्य बनो, संगठित रहो, संघर्ष करो। 🥲👇 👇👇

#what_khak_DNA_one_is! #Bhagwatji! #DNANews In Rajasthan, a Muslim Ajmal Khan got hooked on a girl from a Hindu family and reached home with her father. Said we all have DNA. Get married or else... the girl's father threatened her and said that you are a Muslim, we are a Hindu and we will not do this wrong thing. And then Ajmal Khan went the next day with a weapon and killed all the members of a Hindu family with one DNA. And the neighboring neighbors just kept watching the spectacle, then some caught that mullet and handed him over to the police. What can the police do beyond the Panchnama by doing a DNA test? Will our brothers and sisters keep dying like this and the secular nationalists will keep watching the spectacle! Hindus recognize the Talibani threat! Don't be secular, be Aryan, stay organized, fight. 🥲👇 👇👇

Uncontrollable Ajmal Khan became a Muslim in Rajasthan. Ajmal Khan liked a girl from a Hindu family and reached her home to get married, and then the girl's father threatened her and drove her away after that see what Ajmal did to the family. Why all the media brothers on the silent fast


News Verification: The video shown above in the viral category is widely shared on social media like Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook.  The text shared in the viral video claims that the Muslim man Ajmal Khan fell in love with a Hindu woman in Rajasthan. It further says after he was rejected for marriage by the girl's parents, he came with a knife and murdered the entire family.

As per ZeeRajesthan, the man in the video is Ajit, he is from Rajasthan.

Ajmer police had put out a statement that said the incident occurred on July 14.

As per Jagran,   Troubled by unemployment and financial constraints, a man killed his innocent daughters and brutally attacked his wife and injured herself and tried to kill herself. Ajit Cheeta had done love marriage eight years ago. Sadar Police Station Surendra Singh Jodha said that Ajit Cheeta, a resident of Bhawanipura Colony of Kharwa, attacked the ailing wife Kavita (27) on Wednesday afternoon with a knife on her wrist and throat. Hearing Kavita's cries, both the daughters, ten-year-old Annu and six-year-old Angel, came to the spot. In anger, Ajit slit the throats of both the daughters with a knife. Ajit also injured his wrist and throat after the incident. The injured wife has been admitted to the hospital for treatment in critical condition, where she is fighting for her life.  


News verdict: false, the man in the video is not a Muslim men


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