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Did Amul fired over one lakh Muslim employees from Amul

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News Claim: A news viral on social media claims that Amul fired over 1 lakh, Muslim employees.

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News Verification: The above news is being spread a lot on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. This message is related to the dairy company Amul. In the viral message, it is being claimed, "One step towards Hindu unity... Anand Seth, owner of Amul Milk, fired 1 lakh 38 thousand Muslim people from his factory. Said- Seeing the spitting jihad in the country, we cannot feed the people with dirty milk, curd and ghee. CEO Anand Seth said – Cow gives us milk that is how our business runs. And some other community people eat the same; it is a matter of shame for us. We cannot keep such killers in our company. Heartfelt thanks to Amul milk. Amul company based in Gujarat's Anand, which is known across the country for its dairy products, is being shared on all social media platforms from WhatsApp to Twitter and Facebook. BBC Through WhatsApp, many users asked to find out the truth of this claim.

Ayupp has found that this viral claim is completely false. Amul has not fired its employees in this way.

News verdict: false

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