Viral Claim: A Viral message claims thatChina has built a highway 880 km long over the mountains & water to link their country with Pakistan!” no it is tubular bridge

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China has built a highway 880 km long over the mountains & water To link their country with Pakistan!

The road between China and Pakistan has reached 880 km during a record period of only 36 months. Despite all obstacles and difficult terrain, the road is 24 km long in the area of Lake Ataabad in the Pakistani part of it. China cost about 65 billion dollars.

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Facts Check Analysis: No china has not build a highway over to connect Pakistan, the viral video is Skyroad, close to Honk Kong. It was build around five years back.

This is China's "Skyroad" Yaxi expressway connecting two cities within the mountainous Sichuan province, southwest of China. It's 240km long, winding through the celestial landscape of the province, where the roads known as "harder than the road to heaven".

The video is of the ‘world’s longest tubular bridge. As titled by people, “World's longest concrete tubular bridge described as 'roller coaster'”.

Photo taken on November 12, 2016 shows the Ganhaizi Bridge, the world's longest concrete tubular bridge. Built to stand 2,500 meters above sea level, the bridge is 1,811 meters long, 24.5 meters wide and has 36 bridge spans. The huge "roller coaster" boasts the world's highest steel pipe concrete lattice pier, composite pier and hybrid bridge pier. It is the first bridge to use steel fiber concrete as structural material. It makes an important part of China's first high speed "double helix tunnel" through the mountainous Yaxi expressway of Ya'an City, southwest China's Sichuan Province. [Photo:]

It was also posted on people’s daily, Nerve-wracking: World's longest concrete tubular bridge described as "roller coaster" in Ya'an City, southwest China's Sichuan Province

Many twitter user spotted the Bridge and commented.        

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