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Viral Claim: Viral message claims as “We request all parents to ensure that your children do not visit any public places like malls, theatres etc. in light of the current tension in the country”.

Facts Check: True

Viral News in Social Media Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others Examples:

Dear Parent,
This is a security advisory. We request all parents to ensure that your children do not visit any public places like malls, theatres etc. in light of the current tension in the country.
We want our students safe.
We are following red alert security protocol at the school campus to ensure our students' safety. We request you to pick up your children on time today and be very vigilant with your staff.
Please find below key points to follow:

  • Do not visit bordering areas of NCT.
    • Do not visit public places such as monuments, malls, hotels etc. till border tension de escalates.
    • Do not visit congested areas such as Chandni Chowk.
    • Do not speak to unknown people.
    • Do not hold any item for any unknown person. It could be an explosive.
    • Do not let children take any toffee or chewing gum. It could be rigged with explosives.
    • No purchases from street hawkers.
    • If you see any bag unattended for more than 8-10 minutes, inform the police.
    • Avoid public transport.
    • Do not hire new domestic staff as police verification not going to be effective in recent days.
    • Do not park your vehicles unattended on roads.
    • Do not use Valet Services.
    • Do not let anyone asking for charity to enter your house. They could be terrorists in disguise.
    • Avoid air travel for 72-96 hours till situation on border is ascertained.
    • Do not attend any calls from unknown numbers specially international numbers.
    • Students to go home straight from school.
    • Parents/Drivers should not stop on road outside school for more than 5 minutes.
    • Please have contact numbers shared with school available throughout school hours. Respond immediately when contacted.
    • In case of lock down, parents will be informed. Please pick up children personally as per advisory.
    BE SAFE.

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Facts Check Analysis The Viral message claiming to be from Delhi Schools. The advisory alerts as a security advisory and asks parents not to send their kids to school post India’s Air force strike on Pakistan.

This message is widely shared on the social media like facebook, twitter and whatsapp and by different users.

We cross checked with multiple schools, but all the response was negative, no such alert has been raised. There has not been a single advisory either by the education department or any Delhi school.

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