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In social networks the news is shared with the picture of OBC-A list only, claiming that WBPRB has selected only Muslim candidates.

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News Claim: West Bengal Police Recruitment Board (WBPRB) declared the results of the Sub-Inspector (Armed Forces and Unarmed Forces) 2019 recruitment exam on June 18, 2021. After this, BJP Yuva Morcha Madhya Pradesh President Vaibhav Pawar tweeted a list of 50 selected participants. Most of the people on this list appear to be from the Muslim community. Along with this, he wrote, "Mamata Bano is traveling from #KhelaHobe to Pakistan Banobe."

News Verification: In this list viral on social media, in fact only the names of selected participants of Other Backward Classes (OBC)-A under reservation. The West Bengal Police Recruitment Board website has two lists for each reservation (10 lists in total). Out of these, a list was picked up and made viral in which the names of the people of the Muslim community are there and the illusion was spread that the WBPRB gave preference to the Muslim community only. But 147 names (1st and 2nd list) of candidates selected under Scheduled Caste (SC) and 40 candidates selected under Scheduled Tribe (ST) reservation (1st and 2nd list) were also released. Readers should know that the Muslim community cannot apply under ST or ST. Apart from this, a total of 366 people (1st and 2nd list) have been elected on non-reserved seats, mostly from the Hindu community. The Muslim community is not kept in the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The third paragraph of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order, 1950 states, “Notwithstanding what is contained in paragraph 2, persons professing a religion other than Hinduism (Sikhism and Buddhism) shall not be treated as a Scheduled Caste.

News Verdict: Sharing the picture of OBC-A list only, claiming that WBPRB has selected only Muslim candidates. But apart from this list, there are 9 more lists in which most of the selected people are from the Hindu community. Therefore, the viral news is fake.

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