Viral Claim: The claim by Congress, Surjewala claimed that the shooting happened 4 hours after the attack, where as Rahul Gandhi claimed that the photo shot happened 3 hours after the attack.

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पुलवामा में 40 जवानों की शहादत की खबर के तीन घंटे बाद भी ‘प्राइम टाइम मिनिस्टर’ फिल्म शूटिंग करते रहे। देश के दिल व शहीदों के घरों में दर्द का दरिया उमड़ा था और वे हँसते हुए दरिया में फोटोशूट पर थे।

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Facts Check Analysis The congress party president tweeted the above message on the social media on 21 Feb 2019, however various facts related to the information turns out to be wrong, thus leading to the message that the information shared by Mr. Gandhi could be fake.

The Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi, accused The Prime Minister Narendra Modi of shooting for a film at the Corbett National Park on February 14, 2019, three hours after the Pulwama terror attack took place.

Facts Check 1

AICC Press Briefing By Randeep Singh Surjewala at Congress HQ on Pulwama terror attacks, where he claimed that the Pulwama attacks happened at 3:10 pm, on February 14. Randeep Singh Surjewala claimed in the video above that the shooting happened 4 hours after the attack

Rahul Gandhi also tweeted the pictures of Modi from the river photoshoot after the attacks.  He has claimed that the shooting happened 3 hours after the attack.

Facts Check 2

As per the economictimes, The suicide attack took place at the 272nd milestone on National Highway near Latoomode in Pulwama at about 3:33 pm, which makes the claims done by  Surjewala as false.


Facts Check 3

The picture of the boat ride was taken much before the incident; a picture was uploaded by a twitter user at 1:52 PM – Feb 14, 2019.

Facts Check 4

As per the India today, PM Modi did not eat anything after Pulwama terror attack, claim govt sources, After reaching the Rampur guesthouse, PM Modi again spoke to the NSA, the governor and the home minister about Pulwama. "Did not eat anything," the sources said. This makes the last claim by the Congress party that the PM had had snacks post the Pulwama attack.

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