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Disturbed mindset Pak Army spokesperson Asif Ghafoor insults Indian flag

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News Claim: An image of Pakistan Army spokesperson DG Major General Asif Ghafoor has gone viral on social media where he can be seen insulting the Indian flag.
Viral message on WhatsApp today & other Social Media


Our tricolour was wrapped in feet

National Lok Sabha number 74 of Pakistan

Candidate Aaron Villore by terrorists

Bomb blasted and blew it up,



Salute to our national hero #SirajRaisani. A truly proud Pakistani who made enemies of Pakistan afraid. Your passion, mission & message shall be carried forward. We owe you, and we shall not let your sacrifice go waste. Welcome to the great family of ‘Martyred sons of Pakistan’.

Paki faujis like


 are orgasming over #SirajRaisani standing on an Indian flag...this after he was ripped apart along with 128 others in YET ANOTHER BLAST.

So even as terrorists are eating up the terror state itself, scoundrels are taking refuge in Patriotism.

News Verification: It is really disturbing to see a person from a high rank can fall so low and Pak Army’s spokesperson DG Major General Asif Ghafoor wrapped the Indian flag on his feet to demean India. In another picture, he can be seen standing on the Indian flag.

These are true pictures shared on social media platforms. Asif Ghafoor was highly criticized for his actions.

At least 133 people, including a top nationalist leader Siraj Raisani, were killed and over 200 others injured on Friday in a powerful suicide blast and a targeted attack on separate election rallies in Pakistan, the deadliest in a series of assaults on candidates ahead of the 25 July polls. However ranting a blame game, Instead of investigating, the Pak army is happy in spreading false rumours towards India.

News verdict: True

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