Viral messages on social media: A video shared on social media claiming, “American rioters burning a subway train, however, the truth about the video is that it is from Chile, not USA”

Below is the viral post in circulation on Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

While more metro stations, trains, bus stops and shops are burning in #SantiagodeChile (even more than yesterday) everyone asks: where are the policemen and military forces who are supposed to protect them? #ChileDesperto

[Train] American rioters don't want to miss out, set fire to a subway train

Facts Check: False/Fake

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Facts Check Analysis: A 10 seconds, video of a subway train being burnt, claiming to be American rioters is not true. The video is from Chile, not United States of America.

The video has been widely shared and viewed on Social Media.

The video is from Elisa Correa station, is an elevated metro station located on the overhead section of Line 4 of the Santiago Metro, in Santiago, Chile. It is named after the street where it is located, the junction of Elisa Correa Sanfuentes Street to the west, Los Toros Venue to the east and Vicuña Mackenna Avenue to the north and south.

Chilean media Primera Fuenta, also reported on the blaze on October 19, 2019, embedding the same video posted on its Instagram account.


Ataque incendiario afectó a la estación Elisa Correa y a un vagón del metro en Puente Alto

Un registro audiovisual da cuenta de la gravedad del hecho, que afectó por completo a la máquina que se encontraba detenida en esta estación. Completamente incendiado resultó al menos un vagón del Metro de Santiago en la estación Elisa Corea, de la Línea 4, en la comuna de Puente Alto.

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