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Does Himalaya confirms Neem, Tulasi, Lasuna contains Bovine, Cow meat

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News Claim: A post shared on social media states that Himalaya the 'Ayurved' Company officially confirms its Neem, Tulasi, Lasuna contains 'Bovine' aka 'Cow' meat in them.
Viral message on WhatsApp today & other Social Media

#Himalaya the 'Ayurved' Company officially confirms it's Neem, Tulasi, Lasuna contains 'Bovine' aka 'Cow' meat in them.

It is safe to say the majority of the products will have bovine in them.

As the company is owned by a Muslim family, we can be assured it will be #Halal.

News Verification: The above viral news is widely talked about on social media and liked over by thousands on the internet. However, the information shared is not true.

Himalaya has issued a response earlier to all the viral news, it stated that, “Himalaya Wellness does not use gelatin capsules in any product for human consumption in India. All our products are in tablet form or in vegetable capsules. We wish to clarify that the information mentioned in the social media posts is factually incorrect, and our single herb products like Neem, Tulasi, and Lasuna available in India are in tablet form and not as capsules”

What is gelatin capsules?

Capsules are dosage forms that encapsulate an active ingredient (e.g. drug) in a dissolvable shell. ... Capsules are traditionally made from gelatin, an animal protein derived from collagen. In recent years, however, plant-based alternatives such as HPMC and modified starch have come on the market to cater for vegetarians.

As per Neem Himalaya official website all these items Neem, Tulasi, Lasuna are 100% vegetarian.


News verdict: False, all these items are 100% vegetarian

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