Viral Claim:  A message viral on the social media claiming full form of the peg as precious evening glass and its origin from England is doubtful.

Facts Check: doubtful

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PEG ( पेग )

इस शब्द का प्रचलन कैसे हुआ ??

चलिये जानते है

इंग्लैंड के शीत वातावरण मे  खदानों मे काम करने वाले मजदुर लोग जब शाम को काम खत्म कर बाहर आते तो प्रायः खदान मालिक सभी मजदुरों को एक एक ग्लास शराब बांटते, उस बेहतरीन शराब से सभी उत्साहित होते  और उस शराब के ग्लास को उन्होने कहना प्रारंभ किया

Precious Evening Glass

और चलते चलते इसका शॉर्टफॉर्म हो गया


यह महत्वपुर्ण जानकारी

सिर्फ और सिर्फ मेरे प्यारे दोस्तो के लिये |

Facts Check Analysis: Only as per the belief, there is no documentary proof of this, In some mines, the owners of the mine would give a drink to miners at the end of the shift to get some relief from cold. Workers would eagerly look forward to it and would call it ‘Precious Evening Glass’ which in short became ‘peg’.

But in the UK, there is nothing called "PEG" for liquor. Either it's Single (25ml) or Double (50ml).

A peg is a unit of volume, typically used to measure amounts of liquor in the Indian subcontinent. Equal to 30 mL, the terms "large peg" and "small peg" are also the time of the British Raj, and presumably for the sake of convenience was later standardized to 30 mL.

There is nothing as the standard full form of this commonly loved word used by many drinkers, peg. For many it would just mean asking for a certain quantity of whiskey in a glass and calling, please give me one more peg.

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