Viral Claim: As Pakistan government is the release the Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman on March 1, a video shared on social media as Abhinandan wife, asking BJP not to polities these soldiers.

Facts Check: Fake

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भाजपाईयों तथा मोदी आप भी सुनिए ये पायलट अभिनंदन जी की पत्नी कुछ सलाह दे रहीं हैं? थोड़ी सी भी शर्म बची हो तो शहीदों के फोटो लगाकर वोट मांगना बंद करों? वैसे बता दें कि इन्हें देशद्रोही मत बोलना क्योंकि ये खुद एक आर्मी अफसर हैं

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Facts Check Analysis After the announcement by the Pakistan Government of Abhinandan release on 1st March. The Internet has gone viral over the search of Abhinandan and his family members like wife. Mother, father etc.

However, fake video has gone viral claiming to be of Abhinandan wife, asking the BJP to not politicise the sacrifice of soldiers.

If you hear the clip, the women in the video clearly says “I am the wife of an army officer”, this does not mean that she is the wife of Abhinandan. She further says “…just imagine the kind of tension, the kind of pain the family of Abhinandan is going through right now.

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