Fact check: Gujarat, though economically advanced, is culturally a backward province... Bengal, in contrast, is economically backward but culturally advanced

News CLAIM: Famous Historian went wrong on drawing West Bengal and Gujarat of 1938. Guha shared a quote which he attributed to British writer and intellectual Philip Spratt.

"Gujarat, though economically advanced, is culturally a backward province... Bengal in contrast is economically backward but culturally advanced".
Philip Spratt, writing in 1939.

TRUTH & Verification: Whether Modi is in Gujarat or not the hatred towards a state, society, and section of people continues, whosoever Modi is attached with. Ram Guha, once again targeted the Gujarat model led by Narendra Modi and drew a comparison of Gujarat and West Bengal.

As per wiki, Philip Spratt (26 September 1902 – 8 March 1971) was a British writer and intellectual. Initially, a communist sent by the British arm of the Communist International (Comintern), based in Moscow, to spread Communism in India, he subsequently became a friend and colleague of M.N. Roy, founder of the Communist parties in Mexico and India, and along with him became a communist activist.

The re-quote by Guha also proves yet again that he has a communist mindset and still a colonial slave.

Vijay Rupani, the current Gujarat CM said, Earlier it was the British who tried to divide and rule. Now it is a group of elites who want to divide Indians.

Indians won’t fall for such tricks.

Gujarat is great, Bengal is great...India is united.

Our cultural foundations are strong, our economic aspirations are high.

Sitaraman responded to the tweet of Guha and said, In 1939, when Philip Spratt, from Britain, belonging to the Communist International wrote, (who ⁦⁦@Ram_Guha  quotes) this was what was happening in Gujarat: Jamnagar...Maharaja Jam Saheb Digvijaysinhji Jadeja...saved 1000 Polish children #Culture

There is many things wrong in Guha;s quote

  1. The citation source is not mentioned in his tweet.
  2. The state of Gujarat came into existence in 1960. In fact, part of what exists today as Gujarat was known as ‘Bombay Presidency’ and remaining were princely states like Baroda state, Kathiawar and Kutch. The other areas of Gujarat fell under Delhi Sultanate in 1298. So Philippe could not have made such comments stating and comprising Gujarat to West Bengal.

Later Ram Guha, came back on twitter again and wrote, Statutory warning; when I post quotes by others found in the course of my research, I do so because I find them arresting in some way. I may (or may not) endorse, in part or in whole, what I am quoting. Reserve your praise or your anger for the ghost of the person being quoted.

Many users of social media pointed out the mistakes on Ramchandra Guha and proved they are more intelligent than the famous historian himself.

VERDICT:  Misleading tweet by Guha

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