Viral Claim: AAP Social media head tweeted a misleading video of Hans Raj Hans, claiming of him converted to Islam and thus he was ineligible to contest an election.

Facts Check: False

Viral News in Social Media Twitter/Facebook/WhatsApp/Other Examples:

Some bhakts claiming that Hans Raj Hans has not converted. How do they explain this then. Waiting for them to say that this is a deep fake. When they say that, I am ready to go in for a digital forensic analysis of this video.

Not only @BJP4India is Anti Muslim, they’re Anti SC/ST too. By Fielding, a Muslim candidate from an SC/ST seat is just plain discrimination. Hans Raj Hans , Kya kahega? Hopefully, our EC will look into this matter seriously.

दिल्ली की उत्तर पश्चिमी सीट से भाजपा के उम्मीदवार हंसराज हंस उर्फ़ मोहम्मद यूसुफ़ इस्लाम पर बोलते हुए

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