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How to make mango juice using science, no its not real

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News Claim::  A video viral on social media shows a man squeezing mango juice out of mango using some science experiment.

Viral News Today:  How to make mango juice using science.

News Verification: The video of a man claiming to take Mango juice out of mango using a science experiment is false. The video shows a man taking out mango juice using an inverter, battery and copper wire.

It is just a magic trick. The video is not real.

As seen in the video, the man makes some necessary arrangements for the viewers to show something is happening. Like circling the mango with a copper wire and later connecting it to a inverter and battery. Later he switches on the battery.

Once he switches on the batter, connected to the mango, the glass becomes full in no time of the second.

It is a clear false video if you watch it carefully.

  1. We don’t find any change in the shape of the mango.
  2. The glass is completely filled; normally it would take 2 mangos to fill the complete glass. 

News verdict: False

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