Wild Life is slowly being pushed more inside the jungle as the human space of living is becoming less and less. However here are many who still love the animals and would love to do anything to preserve the wild life in their surroundings. This article is for the people who live near a Jungle or a wild life. Below is the list of some of the small things you can do to restore the life back of the wild life

1. Think Twice before making Your Yard treeless
Often we buy property and move into it. Many a time we also buy the property near to the jungle itself. We have lots of trees and buses in our garden. But soon after entering the premises, you may be tempted to chop down the trees and plants which you are not comfortable with, thus disturbing the natural process and the wild trees that have already grown in your little new garden. The question is are the tree poisonous, or is it going to fall  on your roof top, if not then why are you really cutting the trees, you should think twice before making any such decision. The tree may be home to many squirrels, birds, worms, and other tiny animals that you may not even know are there. Think twice before you cut the plants.
2. Feeding animals can be dangerous, but not the birds
Being an animal lover it may be very simple and wise for you to give food to the wild animal, but have you ever thought that are all people like you, are they all animal lovers and people will not do any harm to the animal. What happens when you feed the animal it becomes habituated and tendency is high that it will go to other human people for food, this can be harmful for the animal.  Suppose a raccoon visits a house other than your, it may be welcomed with a shotgun rather than food. However if you feed wild birds is ok, provide it with natural diet.
3. Turn Off That electrical discharge insect control system
People use Electrical discharge insect control system, famously known as Bug zapper often to kill the insect such as mosquito and other fly’s that are attracted towards light. But have you ever thought the Bug zapper also attracts far away flies which may never have visited your house. But they followed the light that you lit for them. The fact is that the light and heat of these devices will attract far-away bugs that never had any thought of visiting your house, the uninvited guest come to your home only to be fried and roasted in the light and thus the other wild life will never get them as food, wild life like (frogs, spiders, lizards, etc.), who actually eat them.  Instead of putting the zapper you can put net in your windows and door’s so that the small insects don’t get dead because of the zapper.
4.    Don’t throw the can your other plastic items in the open.
Often the plastic products or the used Can we throw outside can act as a trap for the wild animals. If you are really interested to the well being of the wild life please do not do anything such crazy. The small animals can easily be trapped into this small this bottles, can, or the plastic thrown and lead to their death consequently. Keep your surroundings clean  
5.    Make a Garden — and Stock it with Water
Building a garden is not so tough as you might think and still if you feel you cannot build your own garden, there are lots of you tube and other free material vailable online which can help you make your own garden. Keeping a garden will attract small animals like bees, butterflies and birds and some other small animals to visit your house. Keep a place for drinking water, where this animal can full fill their thirst, especially in the summer.  Make sure you keep changing the water over time, otherwise this may lead to birth of mosquito.
6.    Build Wildlife Shelter if possible
You may also consider building small shelter for birds, bees, or other small animals. You can build birdhouses to the appropriate scale and hang them from the proper height and if you want to keep bees, but for this you need to invest in money and knowledge both. As sheltering a farm of bees is little tricky.
7.    It is time to Join a Wildlife Conservation Organization
There are wildlife conservation organizations and each have different objectives — but each working towards the protection of the wildlife. Get into one of the conservation organization of your interest and help in protecting the wild life or the natural habitat of this animals.
Some organizations work to protect small habitat or shelter specific animals like whales, while others focus on establishing good environmental policies by local government. If you have any specific area of interest, you can find an organization devoted to the species or habitats you're most concerned about.
8.    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
The current generation is doing the maximum damage it can do to the environment, it has increased the: carbon dioxide emissions have increased through different means. This has lead to severe damage to the wild life and especially to the aquatic life. It has polluted the air and water. Balance the green house gases by using less of the equipment that keeps your house cool in summer and hot in winter. Use less of your car and only when necessary to prevent and lowering the green house gases. This carbon dioxide gas is having severe impact on the wild life recently.

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