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Hurricane caused a landfall at an airport in Toronto, Canada, China National Geographic Magazine

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News Claim: A video is viral on social media where it is claiming hurricane devastation in Canada.

Viral News Today:  વાવાઝોડાને કારણે કેનેડાના ટોરોન્ટોના એક એરપોર્ટ પર લેન્ડફોલ પડ્યું હતું. અદ્ભુત! ચાઇના નેશનલ જિયોગ્રાફિક મેગેઝિને આ વિડિઓ 1 મિલિયનમાં ખરીદ્યો છે, તેને જોવાની તક ગુમાવશો નહીં! 


The hurricane caused a landfall at an airport in Toronto, Canada. Awesome! China National Geographic Magazine has bought this video for 1 million; don't miss the chance to watch it!

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News Verification:  The video viral on social media is of a science fiction movie, Into the Storm. The movie was released under the banner of Warner Bros. Pictures in the year 2014.

News verdict: False

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