Aim is to cut Assam and Northeast from India': Former JNU student Sharjeel Imam at Shaheen Bagh protest

A video if many true Indian watches will feel afraid and think what type of country they are living in when a man in the open camera says to organize 5 lakh people and cut off Assam from India, maybe not for long but at least for a month. Also being a normal Indian we know nothing is going to happen to such people what so ever statement they make.

If nothing has happened to kanhaiya Kumar, nothing will happen to  Sharjeel Imam as well.

Watch the below video tweeted by Sambit Patra.

In the video the Imam says and it is really dangerous, “For example in Bihar there is a big rally every day, take the Kanhaiya Kumar rally where five lakh people were present, the problem with that is if we have five lakh people organized, then we can cut Hindustan and North-east permanently. Even if not permanently, for one or two months we can cut, put things on the tracks that they take one-two months to remove it. To cut Assam is our responsibility, Assam and India get cut then only they will listen to us...”

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