Viral Claim: A fake video claiming to be of Abhinandan, dancing with the Pakistani Soldier has gone viral.

Facts Check: Fake

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Indian Pilot Abhinandan Dance with Pakistani Soldier Video Go Viral


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Facts Check Analysis The video being shared widely on the social media, the video is titled as “Abhinandan dancing with the Army and Air Force in Pakistan. Soldiers converted battle ground into love for each other ”.

We found a video shared on YouTube on Feb 23, 2019, this video was shared much before the India’s airstrike on Balakot on February 26, 2019..

The video was shared on a youtube page, titled as “Pakistan Air Force Officer Celebration moments | Chita Chola Song”. The video comes with a description even “Amazing moments of Pakistan Air Force airbase officer celebrate victory moments with staff on Chita Chola Song. #chitachola #dance #army . chita chola se dey darzi,chita chola see darzi full song,chita chola mujra”.

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