A video of a crackdown by BJP and Congress adds into the confusion of the Jamia, #JamiaProtests #JamiaUnderAttack #DelhiPolice #JAMIA #JamiaMilia #JamiaMiliaIslamia, #JamiaViolence @DelhiPolice @Jamia_JCC trends today

Multiple Fake news claims-:  A video of a crackdown by BJP and Congress adds into the confusion of the Jamia, where the police can be seen hitting the people sitting in the library.

- Students in the library with ‘masks’
- Reading from shut books
- Looking anxiously towards the entrance rather than being relaxed and immersed in studies, which is what a library is meant for...
Anatomy of Jamia rioters who tried hiding in the library after a stone-pelting session?

देखिए कैसे दिल्ली पुलिस पढ़ने वाले छात्रों को अंधाधुंध पीट रही है। एक लड़का किताब दिखा रहा है लेकिन पुलिस वाला लाठियां चलाए जा रहा है।

गृह मंत्री और दिल्ली पुलिस के अधिकारियों ने झूठ बोला कि उन्होंने लाइब्रेरी में घुस कर किसी को नहीं पीटा।..1/2

Facts Check Verdict: True

News Verification: The video is correct, as it is just two versions of the same incident. In one of the videos it can be seen how the Jamia protestors clearly made the total arrangement in the room to look like, they were silently sitting in the library. Actually they managed to do all this just before the police arrived.

While the video tweeted by Priyanka Gandhi, shows just the opposite angle, it shows only the action by the Delhi Police over the students.

The day was buzzing with several tweets relating to the trending keywords like #JamiaProtests #JamiaUnderAttack #DelhiPolice #JAMIA #JamiaMilia #JamiaMiliaIslamia, #JamiaViolence @DelhiPolice @Jamia_JCC,  all giving the same information and dividing the people on the social media, as one who are in the support of the Delhi Police and its actions and others who did not support the action by the action of the Delhi.


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