A video viral on social media claims that a youth was tortured to death on the 100 days of kashmir lockdown

Fake news claim: A video viral on social media where a man is beaten to death, post which the man shouts Jai Shree Ram.  The video is claimed to be from Kashmir. There is not a communal motive in the post. 

Examples of viral posts in circulation on Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

No, it’s not a 5-star hotel, it’s a Delhi Govt School in Dwarka, Education revolution in Delhi.

A Kashmiri Muslim child has just been tortured to death by RSS Hindutva Nazi goons. My question to western leaders: would you allow this to happen to your children & silently spectate? Can any sane mind justify this? #100DaysOfKashmirSiege


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