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Mediterranean sea between Libya and Italy where the water doesn't mix, Not Ganga Jamuna

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News Claim: News viral as Ganga-Jamuna meet in India, However, the video is not from India. This is a point between Libya and Italy and at that point, it could be seen clearly that the water does not mix.

The video has gotten people amazed and sharing their views on why the water doesn’t mix considering the fact they are all water.

Viral News Today: 

Visit the confluence of the Ganges and the Jamuna

গঙ্গা এবং যমুনার মিলনস্থল দর্শন করুন


News Verification:  The video shared on social media is not of Ganga-Jamuna meet , but Rare Video Of The Point Between Lybia and Italy Where The Mediterranean Sea Does Not Mix

2 Sea that can never Mix: Mediterranean Sea between Libya and Italy!

Below video of Triveni Sangam at Allahabad: where Ganga, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati meet: aerial view

News verdict: False

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